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★ Wong, Kevin // The East African Rift: a geological guide

Summary This infographic highlights some of the key geological features in my research area, the northernmost East African Rift, which is the largest active continental rift zone in the world. It has been designed with a general audience in mind, who may not be familiar with the concept of continental rifting or the presence of […]

Earth processes infographic

Whitty, Rachel // Volcanic gases

Summary An infographic illustrating how Hawaiian towns are affected by volcanic gases, particularly in 2018. The audience for the infographic are high school students (ages 11-18 years). Rachel Whitty Rachel is a 4th year PhD student researching volcanic gases and aerosols. Her work so far has focused on Hawaii and Nicaragua. Email: Twitter: @WhittyRachel […]

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Shahrzad, Stephanie // Exploring volcanoes on Mars

Summary This poster is aimed at high-school and first-year undergraduate students and attempts to explain the research question and methods of my PhD project, without using terms and concepts that are too technical. Hopefully this will inspire students who are interested in a future in the planetary sciences. Transcript The surface of the planet Mars […]

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Robinson, Suzanne // Benefits of UK agroforestry

Summary Infographic on UK Agroforestry. Highlighting the two main types of Agroforestry practice in the UK and showing the main benefits to farmers and the environment. The infographic is targeted for educational outreach, specifically school children aged 15-18. Related document Suzanne Robinson Suzanne is a third year PhD student looking at how we can use […]

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Osman, Sara // Investigating tephra loads leading to roof collapse

Summary This infographic summarises my project for attendees of Cities on Volcanoes, a multi-disciplinary conference for volcanologists and emergency planners. Using Ascension Island (a volcanically active UK Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic) as a case study, I am modelling volcanic eruption scenarios and assessing roof vulnerability to loading from tephra (particles erupted during explosive […]

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★ Murphy Quinlan, Maeve // Peek inside a planetesimal

Summary A poster designed for a general audience, targeted towards primary school children, perhaps for display in a school library. The poster depicts an early Solar System planetesimal, with a cut-out showing the layers inside. Key terminology is embedded in contextual paragraphs and highlighted. Transcript What is a planetesimal? Planetesimals were small rocky little bodies […]

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Dobson, Rachel // The threat of red-billed quelea to food security in Africa

Summary This infographic is a broad introduction to my PhD topic for an audience of undergraduate to PhD-level ecologists that have little knowledge on the red-billed quelea and this species threat to food security. I introduce this crop pest and the basic characteristics that make it a challenging and important species to study, and I […]

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Addison, Freya I. // Radar, insects and ice

Summary This is targeted at a radar conference audience, describing a new approach to improved, precision measurements of radar beams with collocated observations from airborne platforms. Transcript What are the problems? For ground-based weather radar, we do not have an accurate location on Earth where the beam and consequently the target is. Collocation between radar […]

Welcome to the Panorama DTP digital exhibition 2020

We are excited to bring you the first Panorama digital exhibition to celebrate the research of our students. We would like to thank the participating students for the work that they have put into their entries.