Earth processes poster

Shahrzad, Stephanie // Exploring volcanoes on Mars

Summary This poster is aimed at high-school and first-year undergraduate students and attempts to explain the research question and methods of my PhD project, without using terms and concepts that are too technical. Hopefully this will inspire students who are interested in a future in the planetary sciences. Transcript The surface of the planet Mars […]

Awards Earth processes poster

★ Murphy Quinlan, Maeve // Peek inside a planetesimal

Summary A poster designed for a general audience, targeted towards primary school children, perhaps for display in a school library. The poster depicts an early Solar System planetesimal, with a cut-out showing the layers inside. Key terminology is embedded in contextual paragraphs and highlighted. Transcript What is a planetesimal? Planetesimals were small rocky little bodies […]

Atmosphere & climate poster

Addison, Freya I. // Radar, insects and ice

Summary This is targeted at a radar conference audience, describing a new approach to improved, precision measurements of radar beams with collocated observations from airborne platforms. Transcript What are the problems? For ground-based weather radar, we do not have an accurate location on Earth where the beam and consequently the target is. Collocation between radar […]